How Reality Shows Succeed – A Comparison Between Bigg Boss and Priya Phadnis

In what is referred to as Bigg Boss, the brand newest reality show on air in India is hosted by Naagin. Naagin is an Indian Reality TV personality who has gained immense popularity among the masses. She has been the host of a number of popular reality shows, and she has done it all from her home in India. She has managed to create a buzz among the people due to her kind heart, and kind attitude. She is portrayed as a spoilt petite blonde who loves her cats very much, and who adores international politics. But despite her good looks, and her flawless skin, Naagin has managed to turn heads as she manages to shock the audience with her intelligent one liners.

Bigg Boss

A controversy has erupted between Naagin and her contestant, Priya Puri, where it all came to a head. The controversy started when Priya used a post shared by Bigg Boss and accused Naagin of stealing the post shared by Bigg Boss. After a heated exchange of words on Bigg Boss, the show’s executive producer Shriya Phuket demanded that Priya is thrown out of the show. This was to be a major offense, but on being told that she would have to leave the show if she decided to press charges, she decided to challenge Shriya Phuket to fight the charges, and enter into a settlement negotiation with the EIC, or Executive Director.

The executive producer for Bigg Boss, Shriya Phuket had been ready to throw out Priya, but she had not yet said anything. It was at this point that Pratik decided to step in and ask Shriya to explain herself, telling her that the authenticity of the post shared by Bigg Boss, and that there had been many instances where reality contestants had used the Bigg Boss’ name without permission. When Priya explained the circumstances, Shriya responded that she had nothing to do with it. The spat became even more tense when Shriya accused Priya of stealing the post from Bigg Boss’ page. Priya fired back, saying that Bigg Boss had nothing to do with it, and accused her of trying to take advantage of the situation. The spat turned heated once again, with Priya even going as far as threatening to file a complaint against Bigg Boss, whom she felt was trying to force Shriya out.

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