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I am speechless! This movie was right on point considering what the whole is going through today. U never know what your day can be like tomorrow. Our attitude toward following directions is not just about u, it’s about others too!

Genre: Action, All Bolywood Movies, Bollywood Movies 2020

Director: Drama/Sci-fi

Actors: Tien You Chui, Josie Ho, Matt Damon, Griffin Kane, Yoshiaki Kobayashi, Laurence Fishburne, John Hawkes, Jude Law

Country: United States

Duration: N/A

Quality: PREDVD

Release: 2014

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Audience reviews

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  • I absolutely loved watching this movie. It’s not meant to be a romance or a drama, it’s meant to be more like a simulation of what could happen in real life. My dad (a doctor) and I watched it together, and, while there were a few minor plot holes (vaccines take at least 7-10 days to work), overall it was extremely on point and demonstrated how quickly viruses can spread, and the social, government, and global ramifications a novel disease can have on the world. I could 100% see this as a documentary.
  • Realistic, well made, great cast, poor plot. But well worth it. The good thing about this movie is the realism, it’s like watching an outbreak happen. It’s cool to see the stories of the different people involved in an event like this and what would happen if this were to occur. It’s really well made, all the sets, props, characters, etc. look and feel real. It also has an amazing cast. The bad thing about this movie is that it lacks an exciting plot, but I don’t really care about that. The focus of the movie isn’t on the characters or their story in particular, it covers all of their stories and the story of the outbreak. This isn’t a movie movie, it’s something that is just really interesting to watch and, yes, is good in my opinion and well worth a watch. It also helps if you’re just really interested in the virology and outbreak topics lol
  • Had read Robin Cook’s book earlier ,however , just watched the film .The uncanny resemblance to the present pandemic is so eerie , almost prophetic as the film is almost a decade old . Extremely taut , razor sharp editing and perfect casting . The entire trail of the contagion through the markets of China to Minneapolis US and the world gave me goosebumps . The medical precision is simply incredible . The hypothetical ‘Forsythia’ a homeopathic remedy ‘touted’to be effective in treatment of the fictional contagion could find its real counterpart in ‘Arsenic album’ , a potential solution to Covid-19 , unless the Big Pharma decide to thwart it !
  • Contagion has a gripping tone & theme right from the word go. The star cast adds good value to each role that had been displayed. The pace of the story keeps you on the edge. The background score just amplifies the plot. The social response to such a pandemic has been shown quiet close to reality. The thrilling part if you see the movie in 2020 is that, it resembles so close to the Corona Virus outbreak. And the ending will leave you baffled!