Hampi 2017 Drama Movie Review

In her quest to find answers to life’s questions, Isha travels to Hampi. She meets Kabir, a happy-go-lucky young man, who helps her see the lighter side of things.

Hampi Location City in Karnataka(Opens in a new browser tab)

Initial release: 17 November 2017

Director: Prakash Kunte

Cast: Lalit Prabhakar Sonalee Kulkarni

Hampi Movie trailer

Audience reviews


I really liked Hampi the movie, in fact, I loved it. Caught the film on Zee5 web streaming.

The story is sweet and engaging, the location … Hampi … fabulous, the plot is interesting, the characters so real and the acting very good by the entire cast. Superb cinematography and really beautiful music especially the haunting Marugelara O Raghava.

Hampi is the most enjoyable film, do see it if you haven’t already. Suitable for all ages, there is no violence and only implied romance.a

Santosh Kulkarni

Nice writing by Aditi Moghe. Prakash Kunte knows how to capture small moments very well. Music is engaging as always as it is with Prakash Kunte’s movies. It goes well with narrative. DoP has captured the essence well of Hampi. Kudos to all cast members for enacting their parts naturally.

Saee Joshia

I saw this movie only because I was getting bored… But when I saw this movie, I realized that Ican totally relate to Isha… Latit sir is already my favourite hero but after watching this movie Sonalee mam u are my favourite too… Thankq soo much for this amazing movie…

Sunil bhagata

Sonali you are as usual best And looks beautiful. Other cast is also wonderful. Picturisation ia awesome.

By techejs

Lalit we Love u 😍😍as usual easy & perfect acting feels v good. Priyadarshan fantastic role Guide which he did 100% perfect act. no other could do this. Message from film is v good but few more dylogs are expected. May be our expectation are high but few people didn’ t catch what exactly director want to say. Over all “Must watch Movi” khoop chan ahe

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