How To Find High CPC Keywords

High paying Google AdSense Keywords can make you money, but how?

Don’t know where to start? Here are some tips from a long time Law Office associate: I’m a lawyer and an AdSense affiliate. I have been online affiliate marketing advertising since 2021 and I still generate six figure monthly checks. Don’t think you are too old to make money online. With some savvy keyword research, creativity and determination, you can make hundreds of dollars a month.

What are those “hot” high-paying AdSense keywords you hear about on the TV and the news? If done correctly, you can earn literally thousands of dollars each month! This detailed tutorial is going to help you do exactly that. To help you increase your AdSense revenues by locating the top-paying ads on AdSense, from a simple keyword analysis and CPC tracking you can reach top buyers for your ads.

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Start by getting some data from your website or blog to get some idea of the keywords people are looking for. This simple step is often overlooked. Most websites that offer free tools to analyze your traffic often provide basic data like average cost per click and conversions, which are great tools to use when determining keywords to target. Once you have this data source you can begin your first research session, either with only your own data source or using an outside link (e.g. Clickbank).

Now that you have your data, we need to determine which keywords you should be targeting. Some tools offer CPC estimates based on daily searches, weekly searches and monthly searches. Using these estimates, identify highly paid keywords that have a high daily search volume but low daily CPC. These are usually called super-fragile or “unbendable” keywords. With this information, you will know exactly where to target. Now that you have identified the best keywords for your campaigns, you can begin analyzing the data source.

A good keyword planner tool offers a step-by-step tutorial of how to analyze the keyword data to pinpoint profitable keywords. This includes selecting the right ad format, setting up bid amounts and even selecting the proper keyword for your ads. There are many other tools on the market that offer similar tutorials and data collection. Choose one that lets you easily compare one keyword to the next to identify which keywords are the most cost effective.

The final step in identifying profitable CPC High CPC Keywords is testing. Once you have identified your target keywords, start tracking the performance of your ads. Pay close attention to the bids and ad cost per click. When you see that your ad is not only getting enough clicks but that it is actually costing you less than half a penny per click, you know you have found the winner. Increase the CTR by increasing the bid amount and lowering the ad cost per click.

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