Jurassic World: Dominion 2021

Again, a wonderful Jurassic franchise movie. In my opinion, this might have even been better than the original Jurassic Park, as a whole new, more modern, perspective was given to the park. Instead of having mere voltage fences guarding the dinosaurs, and two security employees, Jurassic World actually seems realistic to date on what a dinosaur theme park would look like. The first few Jurassic Park movies always seemed too barren, where only a few people were around, and the dinosaurs were the ones in control, but instead, we get a much more regulated par

Jurassic World: Dominion

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I love this movie. It is better than lost world and of course Jurassic Park three. What if they did actually create a functioning theme park with dinosaurs? It’s an idea that has been explored in Jurassic Park and has ultimately decided that is a bad idea. But when Ingen get bought
by Masrani global Hammonds dream comes true. But this is a mistake just waiting to happen. 2 boys visit the park and there very stereotypical. There aunt Claire works there and thinks that no one is impressed by a dinosaur. I mean it sounds absurd to us but in the real world phones aren’t that impressive and they were seen as really impressive like 100 years ago. She only cares about the money and views the dinosaurs is assets rather than living things. This is one of the main problems with her character and it leads to them creating a physical monster, representing humans appetite for monsters. It is a great idea that I highly appreciate them doing to make it not the same movie as Jurassic Park. Some didn’t really like the movie because of the lack of creativity but I think it is more creative than the lost world and JP3 combined. The Dino scenes are epic and I like what they did with the raptors. There trainer is Owen who is a badass as they keep telling us. He has relationships with the animals and regards them as animals not assets.

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There is character development for Claire as she witnesses are dying apatosaurus and a true realisation comes to her, these are living animals. This is particular in fallen kingdom, as she is the opposite of who she once was.

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Some people say this movie relies too heavily on the first Jurassic Park but I think it does it in a clever way and reminders of how great that movie is and simply pays tribute to it.

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Overall I think this is a great movie that knows its audience and has some generally really good new ideas that I’d love to see more of in the future.
Thank you JW