Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl: Cast & Audience reviews

Directed byGore Verbinski
Music director:Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, Ian Honeyman
Box office:65.43 crores USD
Budget:14 crores USD
Release date:15 August 2003 (India)
 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl


Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, Jack Davenport

Audience reviews

Meredith Toich

I never thought I would ever be a fan of Johnny Depp ever, but after this I absolutely adore him and his career as a pirate that I’ve completely fallen in love with. Everything about this movie is completely stunning, but nothing makes me feel more alive than the locations, the story, the effects and most of all the musical score. This movie has got one of the greatest musical scores that could ever be created for a movie like this one, the adventure, the feeling, the spirit, everything. There is no pirate like the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow!!!!! You’ve got to see this movie over and over and over, Johnny Depp will amaze and wow you along with Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley and Geoffrey Rush. They are all absolutely incredible and will continue to amaze and wow me. But out of all of them Jack will always be my favorite and Johnny will always be one of my top favorite actors in the world. All of this movie and all of the actors all get 1,000,000/10!!!!!

Joshua Casillas

This was single handedly the greatest movie of all time in the franchise. If you can watch a movie years and years after its release and still enjoy it and still laugh, that is a great movie. Its been about almost 18 years and everyone I know still loves that movie. Every time we take a vote on what movie to watch, this movie always comes in first and never gets old no matter what.

Lata Devda

Huge fan of Disney movies (animation only)since childhood. But after watching Pirates of the Caribbean, I could not stop myself from watching all other parts. While watching the first part of the series I was stupefied with the amazing acting done by Johnny Depp I loved the character of Captain Jack Sparrow. His simply weird and unpredictable attitude influenced me first and soon it became my my most favorite character According to me this series of movie would be one of the best creation of Walt Disney Studios.

cory tarwater

Its amazing how much a film will grow on you over the years. If I would rate this the first time I saw it I would have given it a 2 maybe 3. It was just a bland Pirate movie. But after repeat views this film was creating a brand new type of pirate film. Johnny was made for this role. Hope he comes back for the next one. Will be first in line to see the next one.

Hannah Brush

CAPTAIN. JACK. SPARROW. is the best pirate that has ever sailed the ocean. In all fairness, kids around the world love him, he has the best sense of humour and his witty comebacks CRACK ME UP EVERY TIME. This smart, charismatic pirate has won the hearts of boys and girls around the world and will forever own the ocean. (In my opinion). LONG LIVE THE SPARROW. I only have one thing to say…..

Cecilia Ruch

This movie had to be my favorite Johnny Depp Disney movie because it had a lot of funny moments and Johnny Depp played and good Captain Jack Sparrow. He was funny and humorous. My favorite character are probably Elizabeth Swan(Keira Knightley) and the handsome Will Turner(Orlando Bloom). So this would be a good PG13 movie to watch.

Krîsh Ig

This movie is amazing… The epic Ship Black pearl is mindblowing with captain Barbosa and crew in the skeletal form… Captain jack sparrow is amazing but Elizabeth kissing Turner made the bad part of the movie… Completely a superb movie… 😍

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