The Last Kingdom Audience reviews

First episode date: 10 October 2015
Adapted from: The Saxon Stories
Nominations: British Academy Television Craft Award for Special, Visual & Graphic Effects, MORE
Genres: History, Historical drama, Historical Fiction, Costume drama, Action fiction
Networks: Netflix, BBC America, BBC Two

Audience reviews:

    1. Must watch..surely you gonna love this series.. Such a great storyline. The Last Kingdom is one of the best series I have seen. if you have already seen the Vikings then I suggest you give it a shot. watch it from the side of England. Uhtred of Bebbanburg will definitely become your favorite hero. Alexander Doetsch is literally lived in the character Uhtred, everything he does and did will give u goosebumps. His character is Phenomenal. King Alfred’s character is marvelous. King AlfredDavid Dawson did an excellent performance Brida, Ragnar, Beocca, Thyra, Hild, Aethelflaed, Gisela. Each and every episode gives u a marvelous experience. locations are very nice, they literally take u to the time of the 9th century. if u like historical war dramas like GOT,Vikings,Spartacus Don’t miss it. It Is Really Awesome. Believe me, you will find a good series to watch every night.. I promise you that you will enjoy and waiting for season 4 #Thelastkindom😙❤️👍. Season 4#The Last kingdom will be on Netflix by 26th of April 2020

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    1. The Last Kingdom is nothing short of magnificent. I don’t watch a huge amount of television but I absolutely loved this – series 1-3 were gripping and I must admit I have never felt genuinely sad at the end of a series knowing there isn’t another episode to watch. TLK completely consumed me and I found all of the characters completely convincing and the acting superb. Alexander Dreymon playing Uhtred was just brilliant – I think he is perfect for this role. His voice, accent, and tone are great and it adds to the role. David Dawson was incredible as King Alfred – I will be watching anything he does going forward. I felt a real bond with Alfred after this and am now looking at books to read more about him. Finan and Sihtric were also excellent – loved those guys, especially Finan’s Irish humor.
      The battle scenes were amazing – Goodness knows how no one gets seriously hurt acting those. Well, I sincerely hope the actors in this series and the producers get the recognition they deserve. I’ve been left fascinated by 9th-century English history, and wanting to join Uhtred’s possie next to Finan, Sihtric and “Baby monk”!
    2. I swear this is THE best series on television and I cannot understand why Netflix doesn’t advertise it more. The sets, stunts, writers, directors, actors, camera people….it’s just awesome. We have a dedicated Facebook group where all of us are obsessed, addicted, call it what you will. From the behind the scenes info, it’s obvious that they have a great time making this series. Hopefully, it sparks an interest in the HISTORY of this period. Uhtred is fictional, sort of. Bernard Cornwell wrote the books and his ancestor, another Uhtred, is the person upon which our Uhtred is loosely based. The portrayal of King Alfred *the Great*…by David Dawson is just amazing. I watch it and really believe he IS Alfred. The character development is excellent as is the writing. There is a lot of drama, awesome battle scenes *thank heaven as Bernard Cornwell writes THE best battle scenes I have ever read, and I read a LOT*, and some good revenge stuff, and unexpectedly, some really funny lines!! I would recommend this series to anyone….right now I’m just trying to fill the next 4 days until April 26 when series 4 starts!!!
      Should win a People Choice Awards or Maybe even sweep all Categories at the People Choice AwardsThe Last Kingdom is a fantastic series.
      Season 1: will hook you

      Season 2: will amaze you

      Season 3: just awesome 😎

      I really enjoy binge-watching The Last Kingdom from season 1 E1 to now season 3 E10.

      This is one of the best period pieces.
      Netflix’s has the real deal.

      What is the HOLY MOLY!!
      Only 1 nomination Eva Birthistle (Hild) for the best-supporting actor.
      This is an extreme case of Dereliction of Duty:

      For 2019 I will offer a few names for nominations:

      Lead Actor
      Alexander Dreymon ( Uhtred the Godless)

      Male SupportingBad Boys for Life: 2020 Movie Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Review(Opens in a new browser tab) Actor:
      David Dawson (King Alfred)
      Tabis Santelmann ( Young Ragnar)
      Ian Hart (Father Beocca)

      Female Supporting Actor:
      Emily Coxs (Brida)
      Millie Brady (Aethelflaed) “
      let Aethelfaed show off her fighting skills”

      I’m ready for Season 4 PLEASE!!