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Millions of us now have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, or what some people call Obamacare. But like many things in life, your health insurance can often be confusing and complicated. Whether louver been insured for years or you’re new to the game, understanding your policy-is important to your health. . . and your wallet. First things first, you have to pay your premium every month or your insurance could get cancelled- kind of like your cable subscription.

You can also think of it like a shared health care piggy bank — we all chip in each month,even if were healthy, so the money is there when we need it. If you get insurance at work, your employer probably pays most of your premium and thereat comes out of your paycheck automatically. If you have Medicaid, you most likely dont have to pay any premium at all — the federal government and your state take care of that.What is Health Insurance? Health Insurance Explained!If you’re insured through a new health insurance marketplace, depending on your income, mayo be eligible for a tax credit that pays a portion of your premium. Once you have that shiny new insurance card, you ll want to try really hard to keep init your wallet! To better your odds at staying healthy, be sure to take advantage of the free preventive services that all new insurance

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How Java Program Works

Hi welcome to the second tutorial on java programming language. This video tutorial is the production of YouTube channel Learning Lad and and in this video tutorial we are gonna learn about the compilers, the interpreters and also we are gonna learn how a java program works or you know the process or the steps involved in running a java program.All right lets get started.

Personal Loans : Get it Easily

Everything in this world now seems to be measured in terms of money. Without money, in any form – liquid cash, savings in the bank, credit cards etc. – life seems to come to a standstill. You can earn it of course, some do – in tons, but for the average wage earner there might arise a situation where he will want to have some money to spend on something personal, something that he will usually have to save for. But the urge to obtain it might be just great and this is where a personal loan, or a signature loan, can be of immense help.

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Just as it is named, a personal loan is meant for something personal. And when you apply for a personal loan, usually you are not required to state the purpose of the loan. Even if you do have to state it, there is no legal requirement that restricts you from using the money so obtained for something other than the stated intention….

Google Cloud Platform 2020

My name is Tim Diamond and I am a google cloud enthusiast.

To be very certain, I wasn’t always this way.  Back in 2012,  I, much like a great majority of web developers, considered Amazon’s AWS services simply unparalleled in terms of functionality and service.  I figured that in the short/medium term, no other cloud provider would be able to offer what AWS had (amazingly quickly) brought to the table.  Had you asked me at that time which cloud provider I would be using in 3 years’ time, I would have bet big money that it would be AWS.

Shame on me for underestimating the one company one should never underestimate.

In 2014, I left a company that I had built entirely on AWS – we were a cloud provider of business ERP solutions.  I came to love what I had created using a mix of different amazon services – it was my baby.  EC2 servers, S3 backups, Postgres RDS, Elastic search, Code deploy – for every need we had, it seemed AWS had an offering that was our perfect solution.  It’s not surprising then, that when I moved to silicon valley to accept a new job at a tech giant (rhymes with schmoogle), that I wasn’t excited to be put into forced adoption of a new cloud platform.

Flash forward a couple years, and I couldn’t be happier about the switch.  I’m not saying that the google cloud platform beats out AWS in every category – in fact, in many categories, AWS is still the clear winner.  But with what google has done in the past few years (and with what is in the pipeline) it is inevitable that google’s offerings will start to eat away at the market share of AWS (and Azure, if we are on the subject).  This WordPress blog aside, the google cloud platform would be the first place I would currently look to start a new project.

I want to use this blog as a platform for a few different things:

  1. Source of tips, tutorials, and examples leveraging google’s cloud services
  2. Hub for news and new feature releases relating to the google cloud platform
  3. Platform for discussion (via comments) relating to the google cloud platform

Welcome to Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server is part of Google Cloud.  We have a datacentre in North East England and will provide high-quality co-location and web hosting solutions for companies seeking a dedicated facility that offers a secure place in which to physically house server hardware and equipment.

A dedicated server will allow your business to get going without purchasing the servers yourself.  Dedicated servers can be configured to meet your needs precisely by our experienced and qualified engineers.   hosting can also offer server management so that you can be confident that your hosting is being handled by experts – it completely depends on your experience!

Selecting a dedicated facility with redundant power and high-speed resilient connectivity is important for protecting information and bolsters the integrity of your business. We all want to know that, as customers, our information is being protected, and storing server equipment on your own premises makes it more likely to fall victim to a fire, power cut, or vandalism.

Dedicated datacentres, like those utilized by ZebraHosts clients, supply electricity, air conditioning, connectivity to the Internet, fire safety and back up power facilities – in short, everything to ensure the high server availability which is vital for all businesses.

The BEST Cloud Storage in 2020

when moving files from onedrive to Google Drive calls me an issue because, Google Drive doesn’t do this nifty feature that the onedrive has called files on demand a couple of people commented that I was using the wrong. Google Drive app and well who doesn’t own
it but they were right so I thought this week was pretty timely to do a post on a bit of a comparison between Google. Microsoft Apple, Dropbox since they’re probably the most well-known file
syncing apps out there there are also others like Amazon and as your files but some as those typically get a lot more involved and I thought we stick to just those for today but I might touch on the very very briefly